Commercial Kitchen Design and Consultancy

Emaco specializes in the sustainable designs of commercial foodservice operations. Our experienced Foodservice design team offers its customers a design process that is based around compliance with HACCP, Safe food regulations and all of the relevant UAE Foodservice standards. This information along with the individual needs of the client are transposed into a final design that integrates a range of issues that affect every facility including cultural, demographical, economic, technical, sustainable responsibility, adaptable to change whilst being aesthetically satisfying.

We apply the latest international and local trends to our designs and specify new technology and systems that reduce labor costs, chemical usage, water consumption, gas and electrical usage. Emaco looks to bring the future of foodservice designs into existence now.

Our Corporate Event department can help you in planning all your business functions. From boardroom lunches to specialized events we can help enhance your corporate image.

Our Contract Catering department specializes in planning out specialized menus on a contract basis. From daily, weekly or monthly menus our contract-catering department can help you create specialized menus for your individual needs.

Let our events team take care of all the planning. Contact one of our specialized planners today to get started..