About Us

Who We Are

Emaco Food Concepts based in UAE, is a professionally managed food catering and services company offering diverse foods meeting the requirement of multi-ethnic society. The company is backed by a team of professionals and executives that have earned their credibility and respect through years of experience in large scale foot catering industry.

Where we come from

Emaco Food Concepts is a part of diverse businesses related to food products and services under its principle company The Families Group of Supermarkets. With its initial conception in the year 1962, The Families Group has diversifies into various business such as convenience stores, general trading, restaurants, food courts, catering services, food processing factories, FMCG distribution, Facilities Management, Logistics and Real Estate.

Our leadership

Emaco Food Concepts headed by Mr.Muhammed Soopy, is managed by an Executive Committee who oversees all aspects of day to day operations and are highly experienced in their respective fields.

Our Strengths

From traditional Emarati and Middle Eastern to Asian, Continental and fusion dishes, our chefs source only the highest quality ingredients from around the world offering some of the best catering menu options to offer. Our chefs meticulously research new culinary advances, dishes and presentations. Our central kitchen of 6000 sq.ft with spotless work stations, advance refrigeration systems and enriched environments have earned us HACCP and ISO 22000 certifications